Joshua Simpson - Principal

Washington D.C.

Josh Simpson is a Principal in the Washington, D.C. office of The Kenrich Group. He specializes in the investigation and resolution of business disputes, primarily related to the commercial damages, government contracts, intellectual property, and utilities practice areas. Josh has consulted on behalf of Fortune 500 companies and others, including government contractors, business owners, consumer product companies, and electric and water utilities.

Josh has experience in performing damages analyses and providing business and litigation support in various types of disputes. He has provided analysis related to accounting, financial, and economic damages issues, including construction disputes, commercial damages investigations, government contracts disputes, breaches of contract, patent infringements, lost profits disputes, accounting investigations, false claim/qui tam lawsuits, requests for equitable adjustment, business interruption disputes, and others.

Josh has assisted in the preparation of expert reports and subsequent expert testimony in federal court, arbitration, and mediation proceedings.


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