Case Studies: Forensic Accounting

Kenrich personnel conducted forensic analysis related to an international financial institution’s alleged financial crimes

Kenrich personnel assisted outside counsel related to a major U.S. bank’s involvement with an international financial institution. The international financial institution was alleged to be involved with money laundering and other financial crimes, including an interest in the U.S. bank, as well as operating in secrecy to avoid regulatory review. Our work included:

  • Reviewed the background of the entities involved over the relevant time frame to identify the areas of exposure and alleged activities.
  • Detailed forensic analysis of historical financial statements and related transactions, including international direct payments of funds, wire transfers, and international settlements, as well as underlying supporting source documents.
  • The analyses were used to determine and quantify potential areas of financial exposure to the respective parties in the matter.
  • Our efforts served as the basis for settlement of the matter.