The Kenrich Group, an HKA Company, provides consulting and expert witness services to attorneys, corporations, and government agencies. Our professionals consult and testify on various types of damages including those resulting from claims of lost profits, breach of contract, bankruptcy, asset valuations, changes in public policy, contract damages, delay and disruption, fraud, reasonable royalties, and loss of value, among others. In many cases, Kenrich professionals provide expert testimony in court and alternative dispute resolution forums, including arbitration and mediation. Kenrich personnel are focused on objectively determining the answer to important questions in a dispute, including the economic damages resulting from an alleged wrongful act.

Kenrich also provides business consulting services to its clients outside of disputes, such as when addressing compliance issues, valuations, process enhancements, licensing strategies, product pricing, operational strategies, and accounting system controls and integrity. Kenrich professionals also assist companies who contract with the federal government in testing their compliance with the regulations under which government contractors operate, and in advising companies how to modify operations so as to better achieve compliance with regulations.


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