Why Kenrich?

Our People
An important reason many of us came to Kenrich, and especially why we stay, is the people we work with. We enjoy working with other smart, motivated individuals.

Interaction with Senior Management
How many entry-level people get the opportunity to work directly with the CEO and President of their organization? Here at Kenrich, you will work hand-in-hand with senior management to solve problems and develop solutions for your clients.

We Encourage Individual Growth
All of our consultants are encouraged to actively expand their responsibilities within the firm and to broaden their skill sets through internal and external training. At Kenrich, promotions are based on achievement and performance, so you play a large part in how quickly your career advances. We also encourage consultants to pursue professional certifications.

Life at Kenrich
We love our jobs. You will love the challenging, fast-paced atmosphere in which you’ll have a great deal of responsibility early in your career. Each client engagement is unique, requiring us to use the diverse backgrounds of each of our consultants in a dynamic team environment.

With as much time as our teams work together on client engagements, we think it is important to also spend time together to celebrate our achievements or just to get out of the office occasionally for some fun.

Industry Outlook
U.S. News & World Report listed litigation consulting as one of the eight most secure professions five years ago. This ranking continues to hold true as the need for these specialized consultants grows due to increased litigation from the economic recession. The complexity of these cases and changes in federal regulations, such as The Sarbanes-Oxley Act in 2002, have led lawyers to rely more than ever on litigation consultants to put into context financial damages on liability issues.