Litigation Consultant Role

What is a typical day like for a litigation consultant?
The best part of your work at Kenrich is that there is no typical day. Your responsibilities change depending on the details of each particular engagement and the needs of your clients, so each work day is filled with varying challenges.

Where will this career take me?
At Kenrich, not only do we want you to be a successful consultant, we also want you to be a future leader of the firm. You will eventually be challenged with leading project engagements, presenting your analysis to clients, interacting with leaders of our clients’ firms, developing relationships with new clients and ultimately testifying as an expert witness.

What will my primary responsibilities be?
You will be responsible for extensive financial analyses, schedule analyses, research and document review. Your analyses may include calculation of economic damages and lost profits, evaluation of claims related to business and regulatory disputes, schedule analysis of construction delays and cost overrun analyses.

How will my work help clients?
You may assist in the preparation and review of damage claims and counter claims related to business disputes, including those involved in litigation, arbitration or mediation. You may also assist in the preparation of expert reports, expert testimony and exhibits for trial, alternative dispute resolutions or settlement negotiations. Frequently, a significant financial stake exists for your client in a dispute. Your work assists your clients which ultimately is reflected on the bottom line of their financial statements.

Will I be able to interact with clients?
Definitely. You will work closely with attorneys and interact with executives of companies of all sizes, from Fortune 500 to small family-owned businesses. Most importantly, you will work on maintaining and fostering client relationships through superior client service. You will have an opportunity to travel to client sites throughout the United States, as well as other Kenrich offices.